Hello Everyone!

Tuesday 9/24/13
I’m constantly reminded that we don’t use our website nearly enough. It would seem that Fb gobbles up our conversations with our friends. So, here is a promise to be more diligent with our family newsletter! And, here’s a new release!

2009 Tempranillo “ a well-aged wine- smoky, walnutty nose of ripened
wild cherries, pepper, wild mushrooms and pine; nice, fat entry of plum, currant and blueberry- earthy spices of vanilla, cinnamon and peppercorn; lots of young, unfiltered/unfined wine tannin and oak. This wine is rich, a bit heady and will throw a sediment over time. When it settles down, it will be perfect for curried meats, pungent, spicy stews, pizzas and other rich meaty/cheesy dishes”.

Happy Chautauqua!
Steve, Elizabeth and the family