Hello Everyone!

Thanks to everyone that visited during our 20th Anniversary celebration! Here’s to another 20 years with our friends!

The 20th Anniversary of our Winery is coming up this month! We hope everyone has a chance to come celebrate with us! Here’s a special schedule of our activities-

Sunday October 18th The Oven Keystone Ceremony 2 pm
Friday October 23rd The Big Folk Jam! 8 pm
Tuesday October 27th A Rare and Old Cheese Tasting 7 pm A limited seating, inquire for details
Wednesday October 28 Thank You Madison Open House 6 pm Old wines, new wines, and lots of food!
Friday October 30th St. Nicholas- a One Man Play 8 pm Love, Conscience and Vampires by Jim Stark! Free to public, goodwill donation to OVCS
Saturday October 31st Halloween Night! The Slick River Rockets! 8 p m